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  1. Asexina
  2. Call The Green Man
  3. Human Fucker Machine
  4. Queen Of Hell Fire
  5. Sheena Es Una Cocadicta
  6. Mi Novia Es Un Zombi
  7. She’s Like A Devil
  8. Nazis Bombing USA
  9. I Ate Your Baby
  10. Yo Quiero Ser Una Rata

Primitivo! is our first LP release: a collection of singles, re-recordings and unreleased tracks. Recorded in a digital 8-track recorder at Obscuro Primitivo Records in Quebradillas, Puerto Rico. 

Written & produced by Madd Blake

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  1. Human Fucker Machine
  2. She’s Like A Devil
  3. Juancho Cadenas
  4. Gunland
  5. Are You Talkin’ To Me
  6. Nazis Bombing USA

‘The 8-track Demos’ are a series of raw low-fi experimental recordings that took place between August and November 2012. Recorded in a 8-track digital recorder with very limited resources this demo contains a fair dose of raw minimalistic 3-chords rock n’ roll.

Written, recorded & produced by Madd Blake